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"One Call Gets It All!"

  • French Drains Augusta GA Bill Harley Company
  • French Drains Augusta GA Bill Harley Company
  • French Drains Augusta GA Bill Harley Company
  • French Drains Augusta GA Bill Harley Company

Call Bill Harley now at 706-855-8304 if you are ready to solve your drainage and water problems once and for all! On my initial service visit and site inspection, I will determine the cause of your standing water, damp areas, erosion, wash outs, mold, mildew, etc. and design a comprehensive and cost-effective permanent solution to solve what is an all-too-common problem around many Augusta area homes and businesses. Often times, these persistent water issues are the result of small lot size, where there is simply a very limited grass or natural surface area to absorb, discharge or disperse the water after a heavy rain. Our Georgia red clay soil, which is almost non-porous, certainly does not help when it comes to drainage. Another problem that I see almost on a weekly basis is the pour grading, contouring and land leveling around many homes that is done by most builders and their “B or C” sub-contractors that just want to get the job done (without a high regard for quality) and move on to the next one. 

Serving Your Needs Since 1975

Since 1975, I have been installing high-quality underground drainage systems to protect your home, business or out building from the settling and deterioration that can occur from soil erosion and even modest water accumulation in low-lying areas. Water problems and erosion control issues can sometimes be complex and are not easily solved by most contractors or homeowners. However, with my 40+ years of fine home building construction and commercial experience relating to clearing, grading, leveling, building of swales, structural waterproofing, etc. you can be assured of hiring the right man for the job. My site inspection of your property will allow me to determine the cause of your water problems and, more importantly, provide you with a material and labor breakdown of the job items that will be necessary to provide a long-term solution to your water issues. Since French drains can be costly both in terms of labor and materials, it is imperative to hire someone with the right equipment and many years of experience who will also stay on your job from beginning to end to assure a job of high quality and your complete satisfaction. That person is Bill Harley. When I finish your drainage system, you will not need to call a “landscaper” for seed or sod because I can handle that final step in the restoration of your yard, as well. When I say, “One call gets it all,” that’s what I mean. Ask me about my other construction and landscape services, too!

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From French drains to yard drains and everything in between, you can count on Bill Harley!