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We deliver only the finest seasoned split oak and hickory!

Do people really buy our firewood because it's cheaper than a pizza? Yes it is, and yes they do!

But, seriously, why buy our firewood? 

Bill Harley Company uses only the main trunk sections of mature Hardwood trees (no pine or soft woods) to make your indoor and outdoor firewood burning experience the very best it can be. Our forestry, logging and timber operations in Georgia and South Carolina allows us to maintain a constant year-round source of mature trees for processing. Unlike most firewood cutters, we do not use the top wood and limbs which tends to burn at a much faster rate than the much denser tight grain trunk wood. Being the forester and production logger on the larger timber plantations has many benefits for our customers; the main one being we have 100's of acres from which to select only the best oak, hickory, cherry and other choice hardwoods for processing. We then stack our wood in custom racks on bricks for no ground contact and cover it with roofing tin for the duration of the drying or curing time. Since most wood enthusiasts want both a quick-starting and long-burning fire, we air dry or "season" our wood a minimum of 4-6 months prior to delivery. However, if a customer prefers 1-year-old seasoned wood, we can gladly accommodate that request. Of course, if a customer needs some green wood for a barbecue, we have got you covered on that, as well. 

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Since fireplace size can vary widely, from the old-fashioned 42-inch wide and almost 24-inch deep fireboxes of yesteryear to the smaller inserts and prefabricated units that are much more common in today's more energy efficient homes, we offer many different log lengths, as well as a variety of thicknesses. Our standard cut log lengths are 15 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches. Special cut short logs 10-inches to 12-inches are available for the old-timey coal burning fireplaces that were common in Augusta around the early 20th century. If a customer wants it, we can also provide longer lengths up to 36-inches and split it, too! Trying to utilize leftover or cutover wood from lot clearing operations, right-of-way acquisitions or debris from disposal companies is not the way we recommend acquiring the choice logs for fireplace burning.

So, whether you burn a fire several nights a week, only occasionally, every weekend or possibly heat your home with wood, Bill can give you a nice evening fire of 3-4 hours duration for around $10-$12. And, yes, that really is cheaper than the price of a pizza!

  • Only the finest oak and hickory

  • We deliver and stack

  • 15-inches: Popular for wood stoves

  • 18-inches: Our overall #1 seller

  • 24-inches: For the larger, full-size brick fireplaces

  • Special cuts up to 36-inches

  • Fireplace measuring at your home

Bill Harley will build you a fire tonight for less than the cost of a large pizza! No kidding!

So what are you waiting for? Call Bill Harley at 706-855-8304 or 803-278-4076 now and arrange for firewood delivery to your home, and you can be enjoying a warm fire tonight!

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We proudly deliver and stack firewood for the following areas: 

  • Augusta GA

  • Evans GA

  • Martinez GA

  • Grovetown GA

  • North Augusta SC

  • Aiken SC

  • Lake Thurmond

  • Entire CSRA

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So what are you waiting for? Call Bill Harley! 
Arrange for your firewood delivery to your home, and you can be enjoying a fire tonight!

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